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We really need to get the online store ready but honestly it just wasn’t in my bandwidth to get the site up and running while working on the trunk show at the same time. But in the meantime, here’s a preview of what’s to come! My sister, Kristen took this photo as she’s a one woman assembly line right now. Sorry, our cards won’t come with this black grosgrain ribbon tied in a bow (because we would end up hating each other for thinking of this idea for production) but you can recreate this for your super stylish friend, family or co-worker.

Leaving for NYC tomorrow and so excited for the trunk show but scared about the freezing cold. I mean, it’s been a while since I’ve experienced winter in NYC. I’m frightened for Nina and myself. I think it might be in the 20’s when we land tomorrow evening. Eeeeks. And I don’t even have my Ralph Lauren down coat that everyone thinks is a sleeping bag. Not sure where it is now. Every time I would wear the coat, my sister would give me the most disgusting look and tell me how I need to get rid of it. Then my offended self would tell her that I worked on this coat and that it’s the warmest ever. Anyhoo, it’s missing now and I’m going to borrow a down coat from Kris. In the meantime, hoping my sister and I will have a fun week of being nice to one another. We’ll see how long that’ll last. lol. Hope to see you at Maison 10 on Tuesday for the illustrienne goodies’ debut!


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