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If I ever have the opportunity to go to the Kentucky Derby, the only way I can imagine experiencing the Derby is through Inspirato. Why? Because every aspect of the festive event will be curated by their team of experts. But the part that makes me want to add this Inspirato experience to my bucket list? I’d receive a custom hat designed by CFDA member, Gigi Burris! My husband won’t feel left out because he’d receive a custom bow tie by CFDA member Timo Weiland and Richard Tao. I’m imagining a colorful and crisp, Southern prep style bow tie for my hubby. For myself, I’m envisioning a hat that is feminine, fabulous and extravagant. And why not? It’s the Derby! Sounds like a dream to have the whole experience planned out for us by an insightful team of insiders, but oh so perfect to walk away with beautiful hats and bow ties as mementos. These are illustrations of the lucky ladies in their custom designed hats and some of the custom bow ties. Both men and women were sent forms to fill out and choose from different prints and color options. Gigi Burris then sent illustrations of two hat design options for the ladies to confirm. The reveal of the hats and bow ties was on May 5th during the welcome party. Let the mint julep flow! Now do you see why Inspirato’s Kentucky Derby experience is definitely on my bucket list?
See close ups of the Derby Dreams drawings here and follow me here to see my attempt to post daily illustrations. Sometimes I fail miserably posting daily, but I promise, you won’t be disappointed!


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