Illustrious Icons

Illustrious Icons

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Can’t believe I haven’t posted here in two months! I have a really good reason and evidence. If you’ve been following me on IG, then you know why. Check out my Instagram feed for my daily illustrations. Right after Viola Davis won the Emmy, I pulled out my Chartpak AD markers that I stored away for 15 years. I haven’t used them since my fashion school days and shockingly the markers still work like a charm. I was compelled to use them to illustrate Viola instead of gouache. Ét voila! I was pleased with the result, so I kept going. I definitely illustrate faster with the markers which helps if I’m going to be illustrating at least one sketch a day. So began my love affair with my fashion school markers. The only setback are the fumes but keeping the windows open for ventilation definitely helps. In order to bring structure to my illustrating schedule, I’ve created themes for each day. A few examples would be Meow Meow Monday, Tuesday Crew Day, Woman Crush Wednesday, Thursday Do Good Day, Fleur Day Friday, Saturday Scribble Day and Sunday Swoon Day. They change each week except for Woman Crush Wednesday and Thursday Do Good Day. I’m constantly inspired by the news and those designated days are when I illustrate them into a fashion sketch or icons. Viola Davis and Malala Yousafzai are definitely illustrious icons.

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